GCGR Coach Application

1.  GCGR Application
Girls in Grades 8, 11 & 12 should answer all questions unless otherwise indicated.

1.  Today's Date   (Required)


2.  Your First and Last Names  

3.  Your Grade  

4.  Your School  

5.  Your Town  

6.  Your cell phone number (if you have your own phone):  

7.  Your e-mail address (if you have your own email):  

8.  If you have been a part of GCGR in the past, please list the year and your grade when you participated.  

9.  Please explain briefly why you would like to be a GCGR Head Coach (girls in Grades 11 & 12) or Coach in Training (girls in Grade 8). ***New Coaches and CITs only.  

10.  Being a GCGR coach will require you to step out of your comfort zone, lead and be a role model. Please describe your experiences doing any of these things. ***New Coaches and CITs only.  

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End: 3:05:16 AM